How Online Mapping Helps in The Increase of Customer Engagement online mapping helps companies to have a better understanding of Excel data of customers’ address locations which significantly contributes to an increase of customer engagement.

Customer engagement is popular especially nowadays. The marketing world, social media, and almost all industries are excessively enthusiastic about it. But what exactly is customer engagement? Do corporate industries need to invest a lot for it? How does it affect the business? Prestigious academics suggested that at least 2% increase in customer retention is equivalent to cutting costs by 10%. Also, a 5% reduction in customer defection rates can help companies achieve an increase of their profits by up to 125%. Why are these figures significant? Because customer engagement is a powerful method used by companies to maintain focus on the expectations of their customers. An exceptional tool that may be of value to achieve this is an online mapping site called As voice of the customer plays a critical role, so is analyzing customer behavior, purchasing power, and even connection with each other. This can be learned as one simply engages to create a map. 

Of vital importance is the fact that understanding Excel data of customers’ and business outlets’ address locations is now within reach. With’s excellent online mapping features, businesses can understand how the customers can identify with the business, how they can connect with other customers and how they can get more benefits. The best part is that the mapping software is not too complicated to use. “ is the easiest, most affordable and most flexible mapping solution for my web site I could find. Within 30 minutes I had my map up and when I hit a snag, customer service was right there to help. Thanks for making what I thought would be a mega job into something so easy!” explains Inez Steele from Realty Guild. 
Online Mapping - The Window to Increased Customer Engagement
More and more organizations have learned the value of using online mapping. By supporting this, they base their decisions on the existing information from their Excel data of their customers’ address locations. As they create a map from multiple locations, they easily identify significant components pertinent to decision making for creating business steps.
When customer Excel data is being analyzed using a mapping software, great data visualization is achieved which helps in taking steps pertinent to decision making for business. Aside from allowing its users to create a map in a snap, here are some of’s features that are used effectively to increase customer engagement.
Map Sharing
There are persisting challenges of managing, accessing, and analysing real-time address locations data.  To bring out timely solutions. members can share their maps. They can share maps to customers, department heads, colleagues, clients and others who can extract value from the maps and provide insights for improved customer engagement. Sharing maps with senior decision-makers confirm that the company is always two steps ahead for new ideas of customer engagement.
Map Embedding
Embedding maps on a website is more than just a practical thing to do to increase customer engagement. It usually is the initial conversation starter for customers to be more engaged in the business, learn new things about the services and products, and how they can benefit more. It is also a great avenue for them to access discoveries from other customers and how they can connect with them.

Further opportunities to understand customer concerns can be done through’s heatmapping abilities. Aside from empowering its Plus version subscribers to create a map, it also allows them to analyze significant points and connections between customers, the business, and everything else in between by understanding the density of geographical locations. Heatmapping spearheads quick analysis of benchmarking with peers, claimed to be a highly valuable source for customer engagement.
As companies adopt new approaches to increase customer engagement, online mapping helps them to get a better understanding of Excel data of customers’ address locations. 

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