A "New Statement" From Jesse Prewitt Puts Impact Of November's Election In Perspective

Houston Area's Own Conservative Minister again responds candidly to questions regarding the effect of upcoming Presidential election on America.

Cleveland, TX (Sharewellnewswire.com) October 2, 2012 - Cleveland, Texas - When asked again this week for his comment, Mr. Prewitt gave the following.

"This November's Presidential Election promises to be the single most important decision in any of our lifetimes. It will decide America's future, meaning whether she has one or not", Prewitt stated.

"If Mr. Romney is elected", Prewitt continued, "we will face one of the toughest up-hill battles of our lives to resuscitate America's economy from the outrageous indebtedness we've been saddled with by the current administration and congress. This is not America's first rodeo", he said, "but without proper leadership it could very well be our last 'Hoo-Rah".
"On the other hand", Prewitt stated, "if Mr. Obama is re-elected, I can assure you he will fulfill his promise to fundamentally change the United States of America. In a few months none of us will recognize the Country we were born and raised in. Mr. Obama swore at his Inauguration to protect and defend the Constitution, and from what I have seen he has done everything in his power to circumvent that Document. Our personal freedoms are steadily being eliminated in favor of central governments 'much wiser' decisions of 'what's good for us', and excessive taxes that burden our grandchildren not yet born. After nearly four years", he continued, "the preponderance of the evidence leaves us with no other conclusion. These are the very things our Fore-Fathers fought against to establish this great Nation."
Mr. Prewitt continued, "So if you wish to disinherit yourself of the right to publicly assemble and speak your mind, then by all means vote for Mr. Obama, because if he is re-elected this may very well be the last Presidential Election you have the opportunity in which to exercise that right."
"You see", Prewitt stated, "the enemies of our nation, guided by the Enemy of our souls, commonly exploit oppressed and unwitting people, peddling empty promises of 'hope' and 'change', only to acquire their momentary support, in order to gain power. These delusions they propagate are almost always a mask for their true socialist/communist agenda."
Mr. Prewitt is a Houston Area Conservative Minister increasingly sought for his candid spiritual comments in regard to current events.
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Southern Baptist Church-Planter, Teacher and Author of:" America: Danger close! (will it be) Revival or Revolution?"; Jesse Prewitt attended Liberty University, in the 1990's, and is currently pursuing Seminary studies while he works with small rural churches, especially those that have experienced stuggles leaving them with a significant loss of attendance and/or their pastor. Jesse encourages them, teaching them to share Christ with their community and rebuild both their faith and their congregation.


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