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Sharewell Newswire (SNW) is a global online platform for distribution and publishing of news and press releases. Based in the US, Sharewell Newswire helps corporate communicators, marketing managers, and public relations officers spread the message about their products, services, and organization. SNW provides some of the best channels for news and press release distribution on the Internet. Sharewell Newswire distributes news and press releases on various networks including Search Engines, Social Media Platforms, News Outlets, and Media Agencies.



News and Press releases are a very important component of Web Marketing. They bring new and relevant information about the products and services of your organization to the world in an easily distributed and credible format. When News and Press Releases are SEO’d properly they will be found by Search Engines when users type in relevant keywords. This keyword ranking of news and press releases adds ranked content about your company along with your website information, increasing the probability that the search engine user will click on and view content on your organization. Make your content and message more prominent in Search Engines by using News and Press Releases.



SNW uses social media linking in every news and press release, making it as easy as a click, to distribute releases socially. This plug-in function increases awareness by allowing your postings to be placed quickly on facebook and other social media platforms. All News and Press Releases are automatically distributed to SNW’s facebook, twitter, linkedin, google+ and blog accounts.



Writing News and Press Releases can be time consuming and labor intensive. Allow our team of professional writers to draft and submit, with your approval, relevant and interesting News or Press Releases about your product, service, or organization. Some or our clients receive more than 30% of their business leads from regular postings of Blog’s, News, and Press Releases. Our customer services staff is standing by to assist you in developing a customized marketing plan using News and Press Releases. Get started now. Contact Us and become more visible on the web today. 

Steve Chenier
Editor in Chief / Company Director

Steve is Sharewell Newswire's Senor most Editor and Manager.



Gant Morgner
Sr Writer

Mr. Morgner earned a B.A. in History with an Economic Focus from Princeton University. He began his career with Deutsche IXE, a subsidiary of Deutsche Bank, where he worked directly under the senior equities analyst for Latin American securities with a special focus on writing in-depth analysis for natural resource-based companies and economies. He also has extensive experience working with private equity and fixed-income managers scripting client ready presentation materials and has been published several times regarding major issues within China.