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In modern use, the term forensics in the place of "forensic science" can be considered correct as the term "forensic" is effectively a synonym for "legal" or "related to courts". However the term is now so closely associated with the scientific field that many dictionaries include the meaning that equates the word "forensics" with "forensic science expert".


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Career in Forensic Science


1.         Forensic science is an applied science, which is concerned with the application of scientific principles for the investigation of crime.

2.         Forensic scientists handle various and solved cases, clues collected from the crime spot and use the latest and sophisticated technologies to convert these clues into evidences, which are later produced in court for the prosecutions of the criminals.

3.         Although mostly practiced in a crime and laboratory-based profession, forensic science can also be used in civil cases, such as verification of signature on legal documents.

4.         The task of forensic scientists is becoming more and more challenging as well as adventurous nowadays, due to the increase in the rate of organized crime. Therefore, organizations in India that deal with forensic science, especially forensic laboratories, are recruiting talented professionals in the field of forensic science that brings many job opportunities for the youngsters.


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