Buying a Short Sale Tips

A good first step is to find an experienced Real Estate Agent that specializes in the location tha...[Read More..]


After the streamers have been swept off Times Square and we have gorged ourselves on the highlight reels of 2012 celebrity mishaps and de...[Read More..]



The people of a country don’t make foreign policy. As you and I can attest, we didn’t authorize our leaders to wage war in Iraq or Afghanistan. On th...[Read More..]

Irvine 11


Last year I had the privilege of meeting the ten UCI students infamously known as the Irvine 11. Their inspiring display of audacity disrupted a campus lecture given by Ambassador Michael Oren over ...[Read More..]

occupy sandy


Lush forests once supported every aspect of life for the great civilization of Easter Island. The economy, food chain and spiritual life of the Rapanui people were inseparable f...[Read More..]