A Fresh & Healthy Read

“I’ve never read a book before that blended humor and drama and empowerment AND a very fresh use of the Eastern philosophies. The protagonist is a young, attractive dying-to-be-actress American girl. On the book’s one-year journey, in 1974 L.A., she finds the help she needs in an aged woman with a great and young spirit and in the even more ancient Oracle of I-Ching. Both helpers are blended into this dramatic, and sometimes comedic, time of her life. And she needs help, because of some dark struggles in her past that challenge her and because she is estranged from a family that doesn’t accept her. We are drawn in and pulling for her. It’s a brave book.

And a healthy brew for the young and not young.” Read’ em Cowboy

 Definitely A Good Read

“Sandra Billings is really all of us–at one time or another in our lives: searching for meaning, for the next step, for the right person and the right part to play. And like all of us, she’s got demons to work through and angels, in strange and surprising shapes, to guide her. It’s a thoroughly enjoyable journey, filled with surprises and the ineffable wisdom of the I Ching. I highly recommend it.” Barbara Marks .


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