Sharewell Newswire Press Release HubWith the introduction of Panda in March of 2011, Google changed the way search quarries look for the most relevant websites. Soon to be gone are the days of “gaming” or “fixing” your website to be searched better by Google.  Most Search Engines now have sophisticated algorithms that detect the true value and quality of your website. A major portion of an enjoyable user experience is derived from the pages content. Your content should answer all or most of the questions asked by a user’s keyword query.


Simple guidelines to use when creating interesting content:

  1. Avoid duplicate content by maintaining a minimum unique ratio of 50%.
  2. Improve the quality of your content by adding more details like graphics, videos, data sets, images, and references.
  3. Make an effort to describe a process; offer a solution to a problem; explain something in detail, or show how to build something remarkable.
  4. Be funny or humorous, try and connect to the audience.
  5. Minimize “thin” content that is often used just to “stuff” keywords.

Sharewell Newswire Press Release Hub

If your content increases the user’s enjoyment and satisfaction your site will do much better with search engine rankings, even without a lot of links or keyword targeting. Make sure to OPTIMIZE for enjoy-ability and share-ability, not just how many times you used the keyword or put it in the title tag and content. Good quality content improves your sites usage metrics (how people spend time on your site). Be aware that Google made updates to its Freshness algorithm (Google’s way to check if your content or page is fresh and updated regularly). Reduce the bounce rate that tells Google your page is not very useful by creating an experience that people are going to love and share.




Sharewell Newswire (SNW) is a global online platform for distribution and publishing of news and press releases. Based in the US, Sharewell Newswire helps corporate communicators, marketing managers, and public relations officers spread the message about their products, services, and organization. SNW provides some of the best channels for news and press release distribution on the Internet. Sharewell Newswire distributes news and press releases on various networks including Search Engines, Social Media Platforms, News Outlets, and Media Agencies.



News and Press Releases are a very important component of Web Marketing. They bring new and relevant information about the products and services of your organization to the world in an easily distributed and credible format. When News and Press Releases are SEO’d properly they will be found by Search Engines when users type in relevant keywords. This keyword ranking of news and press releases adds ranked content about your company along with your website information, increasing the probability that the search engine user will click on and view content on your organization. Make your content and message more prominent in Search Engines by using News and Press Releases.


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