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After much research, it has come to light that there is no such thing as a free credit repair service. When one searches online or through the local telephone book, one sees many advertisements for these companies, but ion closer inspection, they are simply organizations that tell an individual how to repair his or her credit him- or herself – for free. These businesses make it seem like they are there to help folks, and learning how to repair one’s credit oneself is very helpful, but they really aren’t telling a person anything he or she cannot find out with a little looking around. For example, a free credit repair company might point out that the first thing one should do when trying to repair one’s credit is contact one’s creditors to work out a feasible, mutually acceptable repayment plan. Anyone could have gathered that bit of advice themselves with a visit to the Internet.

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Given the fact that free credit repair services don’t exist, what’s a person to do to improve his own credit by himself? Other than contacting the creditors to whom money is owed so an affordable repayment plan can be made, getting a copy of one’s credit report from all three of the major reporting bureaus is a smart idea. Go over the credit report very carefully, looking for mistakes, inconsistencies, or fraudulent items. If there are any, begin writing letters of dispute and send them by registered or return mail to the bureaus. They then have 60 after receipt of the letters to make a decision about the claims. Generally, 20% of negative items on the report are deleted by pursuing the disputes. Also, paying one’s bills on time and in full every month can show prospective creditors that one is able to be responsible with money, which goes a long way toward credit repair. Obtain some new credit in the form of a secured credit card. This is a card for which a person deposits a certain amount of money into an account and then the issuing company gives that person a line of credit equal to that amount. The secured card can be used exactly as an unsecured card; just be sure to continuously make timely, full payments each month., an online marketing company, has more information on this topic and is happy to share it with interested parties.

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