How It Works


  1. Write a Press Release – a Press Release is a written or recorded communication directed at members of the news and media for the purpose of announcing something ostensibly newsworthy and is a fundamental Public Relations tool. They can announce a range of news items, including scheduled events, personnel promotions, awards, new products and services, sales accomplishments, new publications of books, record releases,etc.

    • You have one ready to submit? – Proceed to step 2 and Sign-In or Sign-Up to create your account.
    • Need help with editing a Press Release? - If you have written a press release and need some help with edits, content ideas, and/or need a review for grammar and spelling corrections, Contact Us, and we will have our professional writing team assist you in completing a perfect Press Release.
    • Need a Press Release Written? - Writing News and Press Releases can be time consuming and labor intensive. Allow our team of professional press release writers to draft and submit, with your approval, relevant and interesting News or Press Releases about your product, service, or organization. Some or our clients receive more than 30% of their business leads from regular postings of Blog’s, News, and Press Releases written by our team. Our customer services staff is standing by to assist you in developing a customized marketing plan using News and Press Releases. Contact Us to start working with our writing team today.

  2. Sign-In or Sign-Up to Create Your Account – Creating an account is Free and will allow you to submit your Press Release, pick a payment package that fits your needs, and monitor the results of your release.

    • Click on the Sign-Up bottom at the top of the page.
    • Fill out the easy form.
    • Enter the security code.
    • Press the Sign-up Button and you will be logged in and able to manage your account.
  3. Submit Your Press Release – click on "Submit Your Press Release" in the left hand Manage Your Account Menu.
    • Click on Add Your Press Release under the “Manage Your Press Release" Header.
    • Fill out the easy to use Press Release Submission Form – The form is very similar to using Microsoft Word or other word Processing Software.
    • Fill out the appropriate information within the form and when you are ready click “Submit”.

  4. Choose a Distribution Package – Once you have submitted your press release you will be returned the “Manage Your Press Release" page. Click on the “Pay Now” button to select a Payment Package .       

    • Pricing Package descriptions are contained within each payment box.
    • After choosing your distribution package click on “Buy Now” and you will be taken to the credit card processing page. We also accept Checks via ACH and PayPal payments via invoices.
    • If you have a large number of regular releases or you are an agency servicing many clients with Press Releases and would like to discuss a customized package please Contact Us now. We will be happy to work out a package to fit your needs.
  5. Distribution – Once you have submitted and paid your package or Editors will review your release and then activate your release for distribution. This process can take up to one hour. Depending on your Payment Package your release will receive all or some of the following distribution.

    • SHAREWELLNEWSWIRE.COM SITE - Your Press Release is posted on Sharewell’s Website permanently, never deleted, or taken down, allowing for the Release to be searched via keywords and found on the web in perpetuity.
    • SEO'd FOR MAJOR SEARCH ENGINES SUCH AS GOOGLE, BING, YAHOO - All press releases are search engine optimized by our SEO experts. Press Releases are promoted and popularized using affective SEO techniques including link building, photo and video uploads, image galleries, and online banners.
    • SOCIAL NETWORKING - Press Release are distributed through social media platforms that include Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, Stumble Upon, Instagram, Youtube, Flickr, Yahoo Buzz, and Technorati.
    • RSS FEEDS - We submitted our RSS feeds to RSS directories and many other Press and News related sites. Our direct RSS Feeds automatically increases the distribution of your press release.
    • AFFILIATE PRESS AND NEWS DISTRIBUTION SITES AND BLOGS - Our staff manually posts your press release on our growing list of affiliate and partner sites, increasing the reach and views of your release significantly. Sharewell partners with sbwire, beforeitsnews, scoopeit, and many more.
    • OVER 1.4 MILLION MEDIA CONTACTS, JOURNALISTS AND EDITORS - Sharewell Newswire’s distribution software has over 1.4 million news and media contacts containing profiles of journalists, editors, bloggers, news portals, online magazines, offline print journals, TV channels, and radio stations, including Twitter handles and LinkedIn profiles. Contact Us and we will customize a unique distribution list for your target market using our software and dedicated distribution team
  6. Monitor Your Release - everything is measured online in terms of visits, impressions, engagement and shares. We allow you to track the performance of your press release and keep the system transparent. You will be given the right to check the number of views and shares your press release had.