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The famous iTeach series is back. Patron has very recently released a pro version of iTeach Maths called iTeach Maths Pro for the iOS users. Patron Technosoft India, a company that is famous for itís iTeach series of apps for Maths, Physics, Chemistry and GMAT, has announced the pro version of Maths.

The app features two important sections: - Theory and Practice. With more chapters added and in-depth information provided, this app is considered to be the best available app in terms of resources and content for students of all age groups. A special feature of this app is the practice section, which allows you to practice and solve questions from various defined categories. The practice section also allows you to view the answer with a neat explanation.Adding to the feature list is another important feature – “scribbling pad”. “This is something new and essential” commented Peter fletcher – Marketing Head of Patron Technosoft India. The iTeach series is already ranked in top 10 in education category and Patron expects a better performance from the pro series.

Some of the key features of this app are:

·        Get all the formulas and key tips of mathematics in one place.


·        Covers all the units and categories of mathematics.


·        Comes with practice questions to solve from many categories to choose.


·        Get to the answers and solutions to any question immediately.
Helps you to understand the concepts in-depth.


·        Once downloaded forget the need of Internet.


·        Comes with a new and a cool feature called “scribbling pad”, which allows you to work and solve complex problems on the device. So forget the need of paper and pen.


·        The future updates will come in with more practice questions from a varied number of topics.



This app is a must-have app for all the students irrespective of any age or any class level.

Patron has already announced that the pro series for chemistry, physics has already been developed and submitted to the app store for review.



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