New Types of Casino Bonuses and Promos Announced- Are They Worth It?

Gaming and casino lovers from around the world now have access to free chips in Vegas and a new alternative to the traditional choice of promotional bonuses.

It is not everyday different rewards and new types of online casino bonuses and reviews are released to the gamers that perfer playing in a virutal world. Add in the free slot play in Vegas and you have the outline of the newly updated CBR. 

"Our review site gives you more money with or without a deposit at each of these trusted casinos," says Jared Bates, spokesperson for Casino Bonus Review, who has made the public announcement earlier today in an effort to get the word out to both seasoned and new gamblers that there is a lot of free money out there they may not be aware of.

"Did you know online casinos give new players extra free chips on top of their initial credit card deposit so they come back to play more? This are called casino bonuses, or a welcome bonus, and they range from small to large to give these internet gamblers more for their money on the slots and games," explains Bates. "We even have added a list of free Vegas slot play for new players club members en-route to Sin City."

They are only one of hundreds of websites dedicated to analyzing the features and performance of online gambling sites. Since the first legally established internet gambling website, Gaming Club and Inter Casino opened in 1995 and 1996, paving the way for the hundreds now taking bets and making free games available to rope in traffic and spend their hard earned cash digitally.

A review by the Australian government 12 years ago estimated that more than $11 billion was spent in online casinos worldwide. Now in 2013 it is a $30 billion dollar a year industry that is still thriving on attaining new accounts, even when its additive quality creates a lot of repeat business. The principle countries that generate the most in estimated revenue from online gambling is the USA, UK, AUS, and China.

The question is why do so many new and regular players seem to bounce around from place to place, making the industry both competitive and sustainable.

The answer is simple, as according to Bates, "Because they have yet to find the right place, the perfect place... online casino bonuses from CBR have lower wagering requirements or are typically just worth more when the terms are added up. Some of our newest codes have no rules and zero wagering to cash out. They are not the average free chip..."

As one of the largest sites which is designed to save players money, Casino Bonus Review ( claims to give them better rewards, bigger bonus codes, and offers them (players) more options to find what they are looking for in a gaming site, while allowing more time to play the games / slots and decide for themselves. Searching around it is obvious they are unlike any other entity, as they claim to tailor their reviews and info with the player in mind.

According to Bates, "While most review sites are just giving their visitors generic casino bonus codes, which really have little to no actual cash value in the end, CBR operates a bit differently. We ensure that our casino bonuses offer the best odds to the player through negotiation with the online casinos management directly with your interests first. Simply put, we allow new players to deposit less and hopefully win more cash."

There are over 600 websites that specialize in bonuses and online casino reviews for US players, probably more if some exist but do not show up in the popular search engines. With CBR's mission being simply to negotiate larger signup bonuses and the best no deposit bonuses for US players in order to retain customers, Bates says their approach to the casino gaming business it is not rocket science.

Why not?

Well, according to Bates, while the casinos online want gamblers to play at their site solely, but they have little means of advertising as the competition is very stiff in the online gaming industry. "Many of our visitors (readers) have come to like, and look forward to, the free casino and poker chips they were being offered to retain them as a permanent player, so we had a great idea," says Bates.

"Our aim is to help level the gaming playing field for the regular and discriminating high-rollers alike through negotiating with the online casinos directly we are able to give these players better bonuses and comps. We then research, test, and publish an unbiased review to accompany them..." adds Warren Hill, CBR's director of internet media.

According to Bates, over the last year CBR has done this and they aim to continue generating and curating the latest data that gamblers crave. In addition to reviews and bonus codes, they offer a onetime resolution free-of-charge if a person has a dispute with an online casino. Upon investigation, if the casino is found guilty of intentionally misleading the player in any regard, "we will fight to have your deposit returned and remove the casino from our listings."

"At CBR we put our players first because it is not all about money for us, it is about seeing which deals really are the best on one detailed and comparative list, and letting the visitor decide the one they want to try next, not us." adds Bates, who warns persons not to get taken for a ride with other casino sites claiming they have the best deals online, as it is simply not true.

They both remind us that reading the terms and conditions of the bonuses is essential to decide if that particular one is right or wrong for the type of play or rules wanted. Unfortunately, there is no way to tell is it is worth it when you are talking about random numbers, but in specific circumstances, like "jackpot hunting" they do help substantially as proven mathematically.

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