Solving Puzzles from Company Data

Data derived from different location sets can be confusing. Solving the puzzles takes a lot of time and focused effort. With clear data visualization brought by, data can now be solved in just a matter of minutes!

Tired of using expensive data analytic software programs that fall short in solving the puzzles from your data? is designed for users to have full understanding about their data and how they can use it to their advantage. is a data analytic tool that drives business intelligence and allows its users to create free maps from Microsoft Excel spreadsheets.



Tom Haydon is one of the many business owners who uses the mapping system. He said, “You folks have a great piece of software here. I was able to create a useful map within a few minutes of opening an account.”

Awesome Features for Solving Big Data Puzzles

What makes unique from all other analysis methods used by data analysis experts is that it presents great visualization in a simplified way. is packed with awesome features yet still makes mapping simple to use by everyone. Within minutes of using, customers can immediately identify the problem and create necessary steps to manage their business more appropriately.

Build Maps from Excel Spreadsheet Data

Map building in takes about a couple of minutes with a simple copy and paste procedure. Customers, suppliers, and sales data plotted from Microsoft Excel spreadsheets can be directly copied and pasted to In just a few minutes, users are able to visualize the data.

Geocode Locations From Excel Spreadsheet Addresses

Geocoding helps determine the right latitude and longitude of geographic areas. allows its users to geocode the coordinates even without GPS coordinates. Customers can simply paste in the addresses at once and the website will geocode the locations for the users.

Filter Visible Locations

For more in-depth geographic data analysis, makes it possible for the users to filter the map. From filtering the needed information, the users are able to derive critical decision making ideas and eye-opening insights that are best suitable for delivering new and improved business steps.

Share Maps

Map sharing features significantly help a team or a company to achieve one common goal quickly yet efficiently. This is also perfect for team collaboration and communication enhancement. Users only need to add the email addresses of the individuals they want to share the maps with to gain access to the maps.

There are a lot more features in that users can take advantage of. Really, it is a one-stop site for solving puzzles and extracting meaning from data.

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