Trinidad James sparks Hip-Hopís Golden Age

Atlanta - ( Febuary 7, 2013 - Atlanta-based rapper, Trinidad James burst onto the scene in late 2012 with his inescapable hit “All Gold Everything” and put urban radio in a choke-hold. With 2013 promising to be a huge year for the Trinidad native, Editor Stereo Williams sits down with hip hop's newest "it boy" to discuss his unique look, newfound success, and why hip hop's upperclassmen are co-signing his rise to fame..

While some critics have labeled Trinidad James look as outrageous or even outright ridiculous, his flamboyant attire and unique style of rapping has garnered him praise from veterans in the rap game. “Lots of older rappers gave me their fair share of praise saying they’re proud of me and telling me to just do me.” He continues, “When you’re a real listener of music, and not just a radio type of person, you better understand my music. But I really can’t think of a rapper that I sound like. I really have my own unique style.”
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