Warren Adler Releases His 33rd Book. Will It Be Turned Into A Movie?

NY, NY (Sharewellnewswire.com) October 25, 2012 - Warren Adler knows what it takes to get a movie deal. The author of 33 books over the past four decades has secured 14 movie sales or option deals over the years, including works such as his Trans-Siberian Express by the late British film mogul Lew Grade, and his Private Lies for a then historically unprecedented $1.2 million– and the movie was never made! One book that was adapted to film was The War of the Roses, which became the poster boy term for describing messy divorces. In fact, everyone associated with the film – Danny DeVito, Kathleen Turner, Michael Douglas, the producers, etc. – are all divorced – except for Adler, who has been married happily for many years.

Other books adapted into movies include Random Hearts with Harrison Ford and a trilogy based on his The Sunset Gang stories starring Uta Hagen, Harold Gould, Jerry Stiller, Ron Rifkin earning actress Doris Roberts and Emmy nomination for “Best Supporting Actress” in a mini-series.

His 33rd book, The Serpent’s Bite is set on the treacherous trails of Yellowstone wilderness, where an aging father, George Temple, seeks to use a nostalgic horse trek to reconcile with his estranged daughter and son. Not having seen one another since the passing of Temple’s wife nearly five years earlier. The story reveals hidden secrets that plague the family and lead to unforeseen consequences.

Temple, a wealthy man, has cut off his children from additional handouts after having given each of them millions of dollars to further their dreams, which had been unsuccessful. His son Scott still hopes to get his business off the ground while daughter Courtney is looking to make it big as an actress. Temple wants to unite the family and ask for their support as he announces plans to wed again, so he decides to resume funding what he knows are lost pursuits, feeling both guilty for cutting them off earlier and now for enabling them with the reinstatement of payments.

But while all the characters are vivid and compelling none are as evilly portrayed as the deeply flawed and villainous Courtney. She is ruthless, self-obsessed, and a child of today’s fame-at-any-cost, celebrity-obsessed culture.  She manipulates her psychologically crippled brother as she plots to get her hands on her father’s wealth.  The raw wilderness serves as a backdrop to the violence and animalistic energy that plays itself out in one of the remotest and most dangerous locations in the country.

Early reviews for the book have been raves, “The Serpent’s Bite leaves a trail of destruction that forces the reader to question just how far one will go to pursue failed dreams. Will love win out over greed? Can the bonds of family override the selfish desires of individuals? Can one get what they want when guided by a broken moral compass? This novel draws us into the snake pit of the human soul.”  -- ToReadorNottoRead.com.

Adler’s eighth book in his Fiona FitzGerald mystery series set in Washington D.C. is due out early next year.

His books have been featured in the New York Times, USA Today, Wall Street Journal, and Today Show. Several of his earlier works are available as e-books for free at www.warrenadler.com. 

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